More Than 80 Years of Quality Water and Fuel Pumps

Since 1935, Airtex-ASC has been unwavering in its commitment to quality, coverage and unmatched support for our customers. We’d like to share with you our 80+ year journey that’s led us to where we are today.




Airtex is founded by Benjamin J. Frankel. The company was originally named Chefford Master Manufacturing Company – and its first products were replacement fuel pump repair kits for Ford and Chevrolet automobiles.

World War II Era

During WWII, Airtex ceased production of auto parts and retooled to manufacture war parts to fulfill government contracts in support of the United States’ military defense efforts.


Airtex is purchased by UIS, Inc., a privately held corporation with multi-million dollar assets and extensive holdings in the automotive aftermarket.

Early 1970s

Water pumps began to take a new design direction to aluminum die cast construction instead of cast iron. As engines became smaller, the RPM increased as well as operating temperatures. The Airtex engineering team launched programs to produce water pumps capable of handling these requirements.


Four engineers founded ASC Industries Inc. Ted Swaldo, the former owner of ASC, was one of the original founders. The company originally manufactured switchgears, for the combination of electrical disconnect switches and fuses or circuit breakers used to control, protect and isolate electrical equipment.

Late 1970’s

Fuel pumps took a design turn more significant than any time in the past. With increased Government regulation on emission levels and gas mileage, car companies were requiring a change from mechanical engine cam drive to electric fuel pumps. The Airtex engineering team became focused in development and production of both in-tank and external electric fuel pumps.


ASC diversified and entered into a long-term exclusive contract with SKF Corporation, as a private label manufacturer and distributor of New Automotive Water Pumps to the aftermarket industry.


ASC constructs a new factory for the production of water pumps. This factory was equipped with custom designed, specialized, just-in-time assembly work cells to increase manufacturing efficiency.


A subsidiary of ASC, ASC International Inc., was established to manufacture water pump components in mainland China.


ASC constructs a new 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility specially designed for the efficient manufacturing of water pumps.


The Carlyle Group, a private investment firm, acquires Airtex from parent corporation, UIS, Inc. The transaction includes other UIS automotive companies – Wells Manufacturing, Champion Laboratories, Neapco, Pioneer, and Flexible Lamps. The automotive group is renamed United Component Technologies, Inc. Bruce Zorich is named CEO of the new group.


ASC becomes a business unit of UCI, merges with Airtex and becomes the “center of excellence” for new water pumps. Begins construction of an additional 65,000 square foot in North Canton.


Rank Group, a New Zealand based private investment company, acquires UCI International. Through this merger, UCI continues as the surviving corporation and an affiliate of Rank Group.


Airtex migrates manufacturing operations from Fairfield, IL to Puebla, MX.


Long-time industry veteran Dave Peace is named CEO of Airtex-ASC effective April 30, 2017.


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